Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Online Mobility Registration

This form is for students seeking approval to study overseas on a University of Melbourne overseas subject.

Please submit this form at least 6 weeks before you depart. You should only apply ONCE for each period of time you will be away but separately for each course/subject you are doing overseas.

If you are applying for a School of Languages Scholarship you must apply directly to the School of Languages which can be done on their website. Please DO NOT use this form.

Study Options

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IGNORE (Independent Study Abroad option no longer available)
Approved UM overseas subject which contains an overseas component (e.g.: The Graeco-Roman City in Antiquity, clinical placements, internships, and travelling studios)

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You must nominate the faculty to approve this form who will be granting you the credit. For example if you are a Commerce student but the study listed here is for your breadth in history, the credit will be awarded by the Faculty of Business and Economics so you must nominate them to approve this study overseas. Another example is when you are studying a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Languages and this overseas study is in languages, the approval will be from the Faculty of Arts who award credit for diplomas of languages.
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You must meet the following criteria in order to be approved to participate in the independent study abroad program (please tick 'Yes' or 'No'): *

Program Details

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Please download the Proposed Study Plan for Study Abroad and return to your Student Centre (contacts can be found at: )

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If you have not already done so and wish to apply for funding to help finance some of your travel, use the form on this link:

Privacy Statement

Information collected in this registration is for the purposes of approving students to study overseas and for recording where they will be studying for safety purposes. Except as required or authorised by law, this information will be for the use of the University (telephone: 8344 7452) for these purposes only and will be protected against unauthorised access and use. If you do not provide this information, you may not get the full benefit of the Mobility program.

The University has a Privacy Officer whose website is at It contains the University’s Privacy Policy and provides detailed information about the contact details, complaints procedures and other aspects of the University’s privacy regime. If you have an enquiry about how the University deals with personal information or wish to access any personal information the University holds about you, please contact the University’s Privacy Officer (

Student Declaration

  I declare that the information presented in this application and the accompanying documentation is true and complete. I acknowledge that the University of Melbourne may terminate participation in or credit for my study overseas if I have misrepresented my past and/or present circumstances. I authorise staff of the University to make relevant enquiries to verify my application.

Permission to distribute your contact details

  I give authority for the Mobility staff to supply my name and email details as above to other students associated with or interested in the Mobility Program.